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"'Going Green' doesn't happen overnight.
It's a matter of progressive implementation."
~ Chuck Peavey
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The impact of your business on the environment is a concern to your customers.

If you want to keep customers you need to think about more than just profit...

  • 82% of consumers will buy 'green' as their first choice.
  • 41% research to verify green claims
  • A green business is more profitible
  • You are already doing things in your business to be green, show the world

What are the chances you're losing business because your customers don't know that you are making a difference?


The power to make a difference.

Businesses are listening you. You can shop anywhere or you can reward these businesses for making a difference.

Businesses registered here...
  • have agreed to a pledge of sustainability
  • have been educated on sustainable management techniques
  • are aware of the impact they are making on the environment
  • have contributed to help clean plastic out of our oceans
  • are working every day to make their businesses more eco-friendly

Environmental Impact:

The pacific garbage patch is not a huge island of plastic twice the size of Texas!

It is that big but it's actually a plastic soup of tiny particles that, to fish, look like food.

While people have been arguing about 'Global Climate Change', we have effectively eliminated the bottom of the food chain in these regions and when you register here, you not only have the opportunity to increase your profits, you are helping...

Green Certification:

In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cracked down hard on a lot of businesses for making green claims that were not true (Green Washing.

It's obvious that how you run your business has become as important to consumers as the quality of the product or service you provide.

People want to know how your business is making a difference before they buy from you. Because of this, the FTC is looking for fraud.


Making a Difference
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Project Kaisei Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Surfrider Foundation Five Gyres
We donate at least 10% of the price of every certificate to these and other causes!

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