• Eco Tip: An HTML formatted email is about 10 times bigger than a plane text email, in Internet Explorer on the "Tools" menu, click "Options" then the "Mail Format" tab.  Under "Message format, select "Plain Text".
  • Eco Fact: You may have heard that 1 google search = 7 g co2 while boiling tea = 15g of co2.  This is false.  We might also add that we use about 20 mg (.020) co2 to visit a web page
  • Eco Fact: If everyone in the world would bring their own bag to the grocery store, there would be ZERO demand for disposable bags. No plastic grocery bags would save ~12,000,000 barrels of oil per year. No paper grocery bag save about 14 million trees per year.
  • Eco Fact: Waterfree toilets use a membrain of lighter than water liquid to keep out the smell. Falcon Waterfree toliets were installed in a building saving 6 million liters per year and were getting complaints from the plumbers union because they thought it might cost them work... at the Rose Bowl, these toilets saved more than just water.  In addition to saving 10.4 million gallons of water, they saved 187,200 pounds of co2 because by eliminating water per year, no energy is used to process it.



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