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What if you couldmake more moneyin your business,
save moneyin how your business runs and
do something major tohelp the environment at the same time?


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How to Grow your business
clean plastic out of the ocean

ripples7 (Mobile).jpgA little later, I'm going to tell you about the biggest environmental threat to our planet and what you can do about it... but right now, let's talk about how important it is to let your customers know that you care about the environment and how that can help your bottom line.

I believe in today's economy, every edge you have on your competition works to your advantage. And, all things being the same, 82% of consumers buy green as their first choice.

So, if you can find a way to demonstrate that your business is helping the environment, that eco-friendly edge can make you the first choice of 82% of your potential customers.

Do you think there might be some value to being seen as being green?

The Secret to Grow Your Business
Being Seen As Being Green

But it's more than just saying you're green. 41% of consumers will do research to verify your green claims. This means if you put a page on your site that says, "We're green," 41% of people won't believe you, they'll start searching for evidence and once someone leaves your site on that search, it's rare that they ever come back.

rainbow (Mobile).JPGBeing sustainable or eco-friendly is becoming more important for businesses to business relationships as well. It's becoming more common that government agencies as well as businesses who work with government agencies need to know that you are an environmentally friendly company before they will do business with you. High profile eco-friendly companies like Ricoh and Subaru require the companies they contract to demonstrate sustainable practices and many medium size companies are following their lead into the world of Zero Waste.

In 2001, I told the owner or an amazing, unique Toy Store that she needed a web site or her business would suffer. She told me that she, "Heard the Internet was going out of business and wasn't going to waste her money."Sadly, today her business is gone and it is common knowledge that every business needs to have a web site or they won't survive.

We are all going green, it's a fact. The question is will you be one of the first ones to get there, one of the first to begin building that relationship with the 82%? Or, will you wait until everyone else has beat you to it and lose your opportunity to stand out against your competition. Or worse yet, will you be like that Toy Store owner and insist it's not important and lose everything?

There is a little work to be done on your part. But most of it can be done in less than an hour...

Follow These 4 Steps to
Be Seen As Being Green

GreenCheck_rt.pngBecause, Green certification is only 4 steps away:

  1. Agree to our pledge of sustainability and process your credit card
  2. watch our 30 minute training video and take a brief test
  3. Do a business self evaluation (you'll be surprised at how green you already are)
  4. Put your "Green Certified" seal on your web site.

Congratulations, you are now a green certified company!!!

The Complete Guide to
Be Seen As Being Green

1stPrize_t.gifOf course, there is more to the self evaluation than meets the eye. When you do your self evaluation, everything that you are doing shows up on your certificate. Visitors to your web site can see 'what you are doing to make a difference in the environment' (not what you are not doing)

The other side of that coin is what you are not doing (yet) and this is the most important tool we offer. Over the next year, we send you reminders and tips on how to be more green, if you need a little help, we give you access to dozens of experts and environmental business consultants who are happy to answer your questions at no extra charge.

Each time you check off a new item on the evaluation, it updates on your certificate. A new reason to touch base with your customers, a new reason for them to visit your web site and a new reminder that they may need to purchase what you've got.

Here's What Some people Are Saying About
Green Certified Web...

"I just dont know what Id do without you. Were so much more organized now I have time to focus on doing business and Im not getting all those crazy phone calls from our members." Alexis Borich, American College of Veterinary Dermatology

"I never met someone so passionate about this topic. I haven't been a green person but I'm turning green before your eyes because Chuck is all about helping businesses go to the green side." ~Maurice DiMino

"I know chuck is passionate and committed to this. I believe in doing good things with my business and this is really something for our kids and grandchildren, they will inherit what we do." ~Tom Antion


Glenn Morshower;
plastic in the ocean and getting it out!

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What Everybody Should Know About
Plastic In The Ocean

I know we're all business people here and putting business first is what makes us successful but there is another part to this story. It's about the environment, specifically the oceans...

turtle_plasticbag_w800 (Mobile).jpgDid you know:

  • That 60% of plastic winds up in the ocean?
  • That this plastic breaks down into tiny particles that look like food to fish?
  • That fish eat this plastic and die effectively killing the bottom of our food chain?
  • That Leatherback Sea Turtles mistake plastic bags for jelly fish?
  • That more and more Whales, Dolphins and seals are beaching themselves and dying on our shores with plastic in their stomachs?

You Are Guaranteed To
Clean Plastic Out Of The Ocean

Maybe you've heard about this plastic problem. Some say it's a big island twice the size of Texas but as a Certified "Rise Above Plastics" speaker, I've learned that it's not a big island, it's a bunch of tiny particles that float around just under the surface making the ocean a giant plastic soup.

ripples3 (Mobile).jpgThese tiny particles are so small the fish think they are plankton, fish eat the plastic and die of starvation, usually with their stomachs full.

If you watch the video above, you heard me say there is 6 times more plastic than plankton in this region of the ocean well that's no longer true. Now there is 24 times more plastic than plankton in this region and I believe this is the biggest environmental threat to our planet.

When you get Green Certified at www.GreenCertifiedWeb.org, we donate 10% of what we make to help clean plastic out of the ocean and we can only do that because of you.

Additionally, when people view your green certificate, they become more aware of the plastic in the ocean and the threat it poses to the future of our children and grandchildren. You become a key influencer in creating the awareness we need to solve this problem.

kaisei.jpgHere is what else you get...

In addition to your green certification and attracting that 82% of green consumers, you get:

  • Listed on the GreenCertifiedWeb.org directory as a green business
  • Top placement on BeGreenDirectory.com
  • Search Engine indexing as a green business
  • 100 tips and hints about how to make your business more profitable and more green
  • and direct access to dozens of environmental consultants and experts
  • We also donate 10% of what we make from you to help clean up this plastic

A team of Sustainability business consultants and environmental marketing experts could cost you $4,000.00 - $16,000.00 and you still wouldn't get the understanding of how your business affects the environment you will get through GreenCertifiedWeb.org and you wouldn't get the recognition that you get with 1 year of Green Certified Web for only $99

Since you were referred here by our partner,
when you pay the $99 price,
we will donate $10 in your name
to help clean the plastic out of the ocean and...

100% of your donation goes to this worthy cause.

One more thing...

Remember I mentioned that you get top placement in BeGreenDirectory.com?

Well the sooner you register, the closer to the top you get, not everyone can be first and we want to reward those who take action now.

It's time to
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