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This site is Green Certified by  The organization who owns this web site has integrated Sustainable processes into their business and is committed to doing even more to preserve Natural Resources in their day to day business practice. They paid to be trained in being green in business, for the opportunity to do a business self evaluation and to share the results of that evaluation with you, the visitor to their web site. The list of sustainable processes listed below is based on a "self evaluation."


  Certified Web Site:
  Company:   Green Running Events
  City, State:   Los Angeles, CA
  Certification Valid From:   10/8/2010
  Certification Valid To:   10/8/2013
Below are some of the Eco-Friendly practices this business claims are currently part of their sustainability efforts. No business exists that isn't constantly growing and working to be better. Check back to see new ways they have found to be green. As this business becomes more sustainable, these changes will be posted here...

Sustainability Efforts - How this Business is Green:

1.   Please tell us about what your company or organization does
  Organize eco-friendly running events
2.   Tell us something about your company and your efforts to go green and be sustainable:
  Company uses organic t-shirts, recycled medals, recycled paper
3.   Is there anything special or unique about your web site or internet presence that is sustainable or helps the environment?
  Hosted by Green Data Center
4.   Our recycling program consists of:
  We encourage recycling of all paper, post-it notes, envelopes, junk mail, newspaper, plastics, bottles, cans, electronic equipment and biodegradable (compostable) materials
5.   We purchase recycled products:
  Paper of 100% post-consumer recycled stock
6.   When it comes to employee transportation:
  We provide information about public transportation and provide VIP parking for carpoolers, motorcycles and bicycles
7.   Whenever possible, we buy locally
8.   We are making efforts to be a paperless office (all documents are stored on a computer)
9.   We take the stairs rather than the elevator to work.
10.   All of our computers and monitors turn off after 10 minutes of non use.
11.   We turn off all computers and monitors at night which saves 4 gallons of oil per year per computer.
12.   Our computers go into standby mode after 1 hour of nonuse.
13.   We encourage our staff to avoid printing emails
14.   We prefer to telecommute and avoid flying
15.   We do most customer business (registration, invoicing, contracts, etc.) over the phone, web site or through email.
16.   Our web site is designed with print friendly pages that only print the necessary information, not the unnecessary buttons and graphics.
17.   We avoid using .doc and other large file formats and convert all web based documents to .PDF file format.
18.   Our web site is designed to be fast loading by limiting the size of graphics and image files.
19.   We do not use Flash on our site or our Flash uses Vector graphics, text and limited size of bitmap image files.
20.   Our site is simple with minimal graphics.
21.   Our web site hosting company is green and eco-friendly
22.   The datacenter our web site is hosted in is green and eco-friendly
23.   We use compostable products rather than plastic in our business.
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