How we got here...

acvdlogowhite.JPGIn 2008, we built a web site for the American College of Veterinary Dermatology (ACVD). Their Resident program requires students to write case profiles which in the past were sent to the central office, copied and then distributed to the members of the review board. This process was replaced with a secure web based interface that allows members of the review board direct access to the documents via Internet connection. Making this simple switch generate a paper savings of $22,000.00 per year.

After a bit of research, we discovered that this yearly reduction in paper was equal to about 65 trees and about 144,300 pounds of CO2 and, since they are no longer shipping these documents, ACVD reduced their shipping cost by $4,000.00 further reducing their impact on the environment.

Who We are...


This all started with an idea... UNTeam has been developing custom web sites for over 12 years and the ACVD story is not uncommon.

From an ecological point of view, we thought it would be great if we could share what we learned with other businesses and maybe other businesses have ideas that would help us be more sustainable in our own office.

There are a lot of companies who will tell you what you need to do to "Be Green." We didn't find any that encourage you to show your customers what you actually do to be green let alone encourage you to share your ideas with other businesses... let's face it, sustainability is not a trade secret.

GreenCertifiedWeb.org was created to help the environment first. Sure, you're going to get a nice shiny icon to put on your web site, sure you're going to get a great looking certificate that shows people what you are doing to help the environment but more important, you will be helping others learn the right way to be green. Not by talking about it, by doing something about it, everybody wins, even future generations.

What We do...

XAAB9449.jpgWe realize there is no definitive standard for comparing one green practice against another to determine the better solution for ecological sustainability. That is one of many issues we will be focusing through this site.

Rather than relying on the government or a group of academics with no experience running or maintaining a business, we are creating our own standard of sustainability, one that encourages the growth of your business while helping you decrease your impact on the environment.


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