Your Green Certified Icon:

  • Makes an immediate impact, showing people you care
  • Links to your personal certificate which shows people exactly what you are doing to go green
  • Helps you stand out as a leader in ecological business practices
  • Creates a third-party branded reference point for your green business practices

For the first time, you don't need to do it alone...

  • In addition to your Green Certified Icon, our message board gives you access to other businesses who are working to integrate sustainable practices
  • Our Advisory Board monitors topics posted on this site and joins in the conversation to ensure the accuracy of claims
  • The conversation can help you stop wasting money on green practices that don't actually work

Together, we can discover new ways to be sustainable and get you the best Return on Investment.

"Green Certified Icon"

This is the actual
Green Certified Icon
for GreenCertifiedWeb.org.

Click the icon and you will be taken to our certificate which is an example of what your customers will see when they come to your web site and click.

How it works:

  • Once you have registered for your certificate, you answer a series of questions
    • Perhaps you have implemented a recycling program but you don't yet use CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights)
    • Your certificate will show that you have a recycling program, it will not mention anything about CFLs
    • Later, when you install CFL lighting, simply return to this web site, update your certificate questionnaire and your certificate will be instantly report that you use CFLs
  • Once you have answered the questions, you will be issued a Green Certified Icon to post on your web site
  • Clicking on this icon will open your certificate
  • When your certificate opens, it shows your customers what you are doing to be green

Note: As a feature of the message board conversation, over time, questions on your certificate will change to reflect advancements in green practices. For example, there will come a time when LED lights will be more viable. At that time, a question will be added to the certificate about LED lighting.

Green Certificate Demo


Once you have completed the questions and switched your certificate status to live, you will be listed on our directory.

You have access to our Conversation Post Board where you can ask questions and join active discussions with other members about Sustainability best practices and how to integrate them into your business.

Your certificate shows the world what you ARE doing and how you are committed to making a difference to our global ecosystem, not what you haven't done yet. In this way, you are letting 82% of your potential customer base know you are the type of business they want to work with.


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