Steps of Certification:

Any business who is certified on has done the following:

  1. Agreed to our "Pledge of Sustainability"
  2. Taken our Certification training course which covers what sustainability means, how to integrate sustainable efforts into the environment and legal penalties attached to Greenwashing (lying about being green)
  3. Perform a business self evaluation based on their training
  4. Post the "Green Certified" seal on their web site
  5. Receive continuing training throughout the year
  6. Make updates to their certificate as they integrate new sustainable practices in their business

Based on these 4 steps, when you click on the "Green Certified" seal on any web site, you get to see what this business is doing to help the environment, their plans and as they continue to expand their efforts to have a positive impact on the environment, you can see their progress

When you view any certificate issued by, you are seeing what that member business is doing to be more sustainable.

WE DO NOT VERIFY THE GREEN CLAIMS OF OUR MEMBER BUSINESSES, THIS IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF GREENCERTIFIEDWEB.ORG, we believe that being green in business is a matter of progression and encourage all businesses to learn where they stand in the process and execute a plan to become more sustainable over the life of their business.

We view sustainability in business as a natural progression of true Entrepreneurs who believe that responsible stewardship of the resources we rely on today will ensure our ability to stay in business tomorrow.

Every business registered here has agreed to our "Pledge of Sustainability" and not only made a commitment to reduce their impact on the environment but that they will not "Greenwash" which means they agree that their efforts with the regard to sustainability are sincere.

Before a certificate is issued, each business must attend online training in how to be green in business. Then they are tested on this training.

Only upon successful completion of the training can they begin the business evaluation process. When you are viewing the certificate of any business, you are seeing what they have already accomplished to be sustainable.

Every week, these businesses get more ideas, suggestions and training on how to integrate more eco-friendly practices in their business. If you check back from time to time, you will see they have added new sustainable practices to their business. This is because we believe that Sustainability in business is a matter of progressive implementation and a truely sustainable business is self evaluating to see how they can be better over time.

While it is possible that anyone can lie about their sustainability efforts, we discourage it and if you are aware of a business registered on who is Greenwashing, please use our Contact Form and let us know. We will investigate and upon confirmation, terminate our relationship with them.


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