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Green Certificate Evaluation

  • This section is actually the key to your certification
  • We want people to know what you're doing to be Ecologically Friendly (Green, Sustainable, choose your favorite term)
  • As you progress through each of the question sections, simply answer to the best of your ability.  You can always come back and change your answers
  • Your answers will not be available to the public until you "Activate" your certificate using the "Activate" link above

Note: Only the questions you answer yes to will be displayed on your certificate.  You can come back here at any time and change the answers to your questions.


Sample Questions

Essay Questions:
This is your opportunity to share what is unique about your business, actions that are not covered by a simple True/False or Multiple Choice question format

Multiple Choice:
These questions consist of 4 options. If you choose option 1, this question will not be displayed.

True/False Questions:
These are simple True/False Questions about your Sustainability. If you choose false, the question will not be displayed.

1. Is there anything special or unique about how you run your company that is sustainable or helps the environment?
2. Our recycling program consists of:
(will not display) We do not have a Recycling program at this time
We provide recycling bins in our office
We encourage recycling of all paper, post-it notes, envelopes, junk mail, newspaper, plastics, bottles, cans, electronic equipment and biodegradable (compostable) materials
Cans and bottles
Additional Comments:  
3. We purchase recycled products:
(will not display) We do not use recycled products
Paper of 100% post-consumer recycled stock
Some post-consumer recycle paper stock
Paper with at least 30% post-consumer recycle stock
Additional Comments:  
4. Our lighting in our business is...
(will not display) We do not have efficient lighting in our business at this time
Some T-12 fluorescent lighting and some energy efficient lighting
We have incorporated some efficient lighting in our business
100% Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) and LED lighting
Additional Comments:  
5. Whenever possible, we buy locally
(will not display) False
Additional Comments:  
6. We are proud to be a paperless office (all documents are stored on a computer)
(will not display) False
Additional Comments:  
7. Our computers go into standby mode after 1 hour of nonuse.
(will not display) False
8. We do most customer business (registration, invoicing, contracts, etc.) over the phone, web site or through email.
(will not display) False
Additional Comments:  
9. Our web site is designed with print friendly pages that only print the necessary information, not the unnecessary buttons and graphics.
(will not display) False
Additional Comments:  
10. Our web site hosting company is green and eco-friendly
(will not display) False
Additional Comments:  

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