Partner Affiliate Program: is all about creating awareness and by default, this happens at two levels. First, when people see your certificate, it lets them know making a difference in the environment is important to you and practices in your business may be more ecologically sustainable which in turn may encourage them to follow your example. Second, it gives those of us who display the certificates, the Green Certified Community, the opportunity to share, discuss and grow our businesses together while sharing our achievements in sustainable business practices.

Simply having a Green Certificate from shows visitors to your web site that you are making a difference to our environment.

As you can imagine, it is our objective to have every business participate and share what they are doing to help the environment with the world. We believe this openness of sharing ideas will help everyone see how easy it is to make a difference and here's where you can help.

I'd like to introduce you to the Partner program, an opportunity to get rewarded for encouraging others to join our efforts. With your help, we can increase awareness of our impact on the enviornment and what we can do about it.

Our Thanks to you (Recurring Revenue): Our primary goal is awareness, getting as many businesses involved as possible so together we can make the biggest impact. Through this affiliate program, you receive 30% for every certificate sale that results from your referral. Additionally, every time they renew and every time they register for an event or product through our web site, you will receive 30% of these transactions for as long as they maintain their certificate with us.

Our Thanks to the Customer (Discount): Additionally, when someone buys a Green Certificate from using your referral/coupon code, we will give them $10.00 off the purchase price... It becomes a win for you, a win for them.

Our Thanks to the environment (Donations): Additionally, 10% of our net proceeds from each certificate sale is donated to help clean the plastic out of the Pacific Ocean.

A Chance to Give: If you or your customers are really passionate about this issue, plastic in the ocean, you also have the option to donate all or part of your earnings from this program to help solve this problem! Note: we do not keep any of your donation, 100% is forwarded to these causes.

What Is a Partner Program?

Thousands of companies on the web currently use partner/affiliate programs to help sell their products and services. It's a win/win and it makes sense for us. We are focused on two things;

  1. Creating awareness of key environmental issues that are affecting us today
  2. Raising money to help resolve these issues.

A partnership program allows us to reach more people, create more awareness than we could do on our own and helps us pay you for helping us help the enviornment.

What do I get as a Green Certified Affiliate?

  1. 30% of the price of every certificate sold using your coupon code
  2. $10 discount for your friends and associates who buy the certificates
  3. Residual income; you continue to be paid for as long as a certificate is active
  4. Fast and reliable payment as often as every month
  5. Real-Time, accurate sales tracking
  6. Sales tools including banners, sample letters and text ads

 Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone can become a Green Certified Affiliate as long as they: 

  1. Only use ethical marketing methods
  2. Do not use unsolicited email marketing (no spam)
  3. Do not use their own registration interface
  4. Are comfortable with our terms and conditions

Note: Greenwashing is a huge issue. As a partner, if you are found to be encouraging greenwashing or any other unethical practice, you will lose your partner status.

How do I get paid?

  1. Payments are made every month based on sales from the previous month (at least 30 days) after end of the purchase
  2. All commissions are calculated based on calendar months
  3. You must accumulate at $50 in commissions each month or you will be paid quarterly

Where do I sign up?

If you already have a Green Certificate...

  1. click here to login
  2. scroll to the bottom of your account page
  3. click on the "Join our Affiliate Partner Program" link

Note: You do not need to be certified to promote and sell green business certifications but you'll find that it helps.

If you do not already have a Green Certificate, just click here to begin the process of becoming an affiliate. You can always become certified later!




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